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9 reasons to utilizing ATWORK Personnel Services

When searching for a temporary employee, @WORK Personnel Services knows your company’s needs and can select a qualified candidate. Our access to candidates that are experienced in your industry can alleviate the task of training.

@WORK often has a level of expertise that far exceeds the human resources departments in most small businesses.  @WORK is more in tune with employment trends, law changes, and recruitment best practices because this is our core business.

Many employers cannot compete with the larger businesses when it comes to pay, benefits, and recruitment tactics. As a result, they are left out of consideration by top performing talent. @WORK bridge the gap by leveraging their larger hiring power and transferring those benefits to their clients.
  • Using @WORK is a cost-effective option for certain processes and positions within your company. Your cost savings will be realized by:
  • Efficiency: Recruiting, screening and hiring a candidate takes a lot of time. Delegating these tasks to an expert will reduce the amount of time and expenses you spend on the hiring process. Hiring @WORK will also allow you to hire your new team member quickly and reduce down-time.
  • Sourcing dollars:For a company, finding the right candidate for a job requires lots of interviews and skill testing, that needs not only money but also more time and efforts for H R Manager or business owner. To search right candidate, companies are spending money on job postings, advertising, job fairs, networking, interviewing, and testing. So, hire top talent takes an investment of time and recruitment sourcing dollars to reach your workforce requirement.  TRiSHUL have already set aside sourcing dollars for recruiting and searching every day the talent you need. You can leverage our dollars and save yours.

Convert Fixed Costs to Variable Costs: For some positions in your company you could save money by converting your “Fixed Employee Cost” to Variable Employee Cost” for example, if your business has very little room for overhead costs but you still need employees to respond to customer orders.  You could use @WORK, only when you had orders to fill.  Even though you pay a small mark-up on the hourly rate you wouldn’t have to carry the fixed employee costs when you didn’t have the work. Ask us to see a Cost Saving Report with using ATWORK

Turning to @WORK will relieve the pressure of finding a qualified candidate in a fast time crunch. @WORK is not only screen and interview the best candidates but also does background check and drug test to meet your business’ needs. Handing over the task of finding a strong employee to @WORK staffing specialists will save your company time and money in the long run.
When you engage the services of @WORK, you get the talent but not the HR overhead. The employee reports to you but you have no liability for workman’s comp, payroll taxes and unemployment claims. Hiring @WORK employee is also a better protection than hiring an independent contractor especially if that independent contractors is a one-man show.
By choosing to hire @WORK employee, you have the option to see if the individual could be a long-term fit for your company. Your next temp could be your next permanent asset that brings a unique skillset to your team.

As a business owner you can use @WORK employees as much or little as you need and have the flexibility to discontinue them once your work is complete. During slower times of the year you can downsize without going through painful layoffs. During busy times you will have access to great workers who can fill a vacancy in a matter of days.

If you have a member of your staff leave unexpectedly, you may need quality hired help as soon as possible. @WORK has several qualified candidates in several industries we served, to assist your company’s needs. You could be meeting your new temporary employee in 2 to 3 business days.