100% Free Online Application

Submit your online application using our job board, or by stopping into TRiSHUL office (by appointment ONLY). A member of the TRiSHUL recruiting team will review your information. If you meet our hiring criteria, we will contact you to continue through the process. Our application process is very simple and easy. Candidate can attach their resume with their job application.

Phone Interview

After reviewing you job application, our recruiter will call the phone number you provided on your job application to know more about your experience, skills, knowledge, and salary expectations before we both utilize our valuable time in face to face interview. This is quick and easy step of our hiring process.


After you complete your online application you will be asked to complete all necessary employment documents and/or payroll forms, benefits forms, state & federal tax forms, an I-9 form and provide proof of identity and employment authorization from a list of acceptable documents on the I-9 form.

Face To Face or Video Interview

If you are invited in for an appointment, our recruiter will conduct a one-on-one interview to assess your interests, experience, career goals and work preferences. During the interview, they will review your work history and identify opportunities that may be right for you. Due to COVID-19, we may ask to finish your interview online video platform.

Skill Assessment

To consider new evaluation metric and long-term hires  you will be asked to take a skill assessment test,  a common but important step in our hiring process. That will helps you for to get right job and compensation. To offer you right job it’s a required step to evaluate your skill. 

Job Overview Video

After validating job skills, you may be asked to watch a job overview video. That will provide you with an opportunity to re-examine manuscript job descriptions and improve understanding of job profile with required job skills.

Reference check

Previous employers and reference checks allow recruiter to get an independent insight about candidate’s job performance and behavior. Normally, we contact candidate’s previous employers to verify the information provided on resume and during interview, dates of employment and work performance. Sometimes we are also verifying your educational reference as per client requirement.

Background Check

Now a days, the background investigation is an essential part of the hiring process. To evaluate attitude, skills and needs, it is mandatory for most of the companies. It is also considered as a preemptive measure to ensure the integrity of our clients and the safety of their employees and business. Background check may be for last 3, 5, 7, or 10 years. Candidate will be asked to provide written consent form to complete background check on our client’s behalf. There is no charge to candidate for it and we may share that with hiring manager or recruiter and our client.


E-Verification meaning Employment Eligibility Verification. Based on records available to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration, it’s to confirm employment eligibility. TRiSHUL is participating in e-verify process managed by US GOV and we will verify your employment eligibility with US Department of Homeland Securities. Candidate will be asked to provide written consent form (I-9 form) to complete e-verify process on behalf of our client. There is no charge to candidate for it and we may share that with hiring manager or recruiter and our client.

Drug Test

A pre-employment drug test procedure is the one of the hiring policies for many companies before final hiring. Candidates may be subject to test for drugs and/or alcohol by hiring employer, as permitted by state law. Drug test have numerous tests, and some employer may choose to only test for specific dugs or a large variety. The testing may be urine, blood, breath, sweat etc. There is no charge to candidate for it and we may share that with hiring manager or recruiter and our client.

Job Offer & Orientation

Once a top candidate is identified, we will extend an initial job offer with the details of job functions. Once you agree the conditions and job functions of job offered,  you will receive orientation in the areas such as Safety and Health, and our Workplace Harassment policy. This may or may not include video training.


Hey! now you are ready for a job. Once you are hired, you will receive a link to download our employee manual, containing TRiSHUL’s  employee information and policies & procedures.

Basic Employee Understanding

  • Timesheets (hours) are submitted weekly and paid weekly. Our work week is Monday to Sunday.
  • To avoid any delays, you MUST contact our offices if you are unable to submit your timesheet.
  • If you need a copy of a blank timesheet or instructions on how to complete timecard, you can click on Employee Login and select Download Timesheet.
  • All Employees are responsible to verify their timecard and get signature of immediate supervisor before submitting timecards to our office. Without that we are not accepting and responsible for correct working hours for any timecard.
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NOTE: Our office working days, timings and holidays are subject to change, without notice. For latest update on that, please call our office during office hours.

Employee MEASURE-UP Program

Measuring and managing employee performance is important because it gives the ability to properly gauge
worker efficiency, identify who is working hard and who isn’t, determine how to properly compensate our
workforce, and improve our workplace’s overall productivity.

@WORK’S “MEASURE-UP” Program ensures that only the Highest Quality Candidates available are presented to our Client Partners. This process includes:

  • Telephone Screening
  • Full Pre-App & Online Application
  • Extensive Interview
  • Online Skills Evaluation
  • References Checked & Verified
  • Hiring Documentation Completed & Verified
  • New Hire Orientation
  • Client-Specific Orientation (if applicable)
  • Client-Specific Information Packet
  • Client-Specific e-Shadowing Available (Videos)

Communication is at the heart of our client partnership! That’s why @WORK’s “MEASURE-UP” Program was designed to include an extensive calling program as well:

  • First day Wake-up call
  • Arrival of employee.
  • At the end of employee’s first day or shift.
  • At the end of employee’s first week.
  • At the end of employee’s first month.
  • After assignment has been completed in full.

Exit Interviews are conducted on all employees who leave assignments to ensure that any issues or problems are properly addressed and corrected.